Thursday, July 20, 2006

Music,Ridin',and Racin'

I love the new Big and Rich song...."8th of November"
and there's more about that here
Came across this rap group with music by soldiers who served in Iraq
and 4th25(Fourth Quarter)I heard about almost a year ago
(another rap cd,hey, I like ALL kinds of music)
And I can't say enough about how great a troop supporter Gary Sinise is, have you been by his band's website? 
and please don't forget the Kory Brunson Band  
or Luke Stricklin 
Speaking of "ridin' "? Soldiers Angels New York has a story about the only Soldiers Angels Riding Club 
(and I had trouble with her link,so the website for SARC is also here 
And Chris Wong  hasn't quite left Iraq yet, but he and some others are already planning a memorial ride for those they have lost while deployed 
As for the 'Racin' " segment of this post
I came across this racer because of an email I received telling about something nice he had done 
and while I don't have permission to relay that story? Let me just say that he's a thoroughly nice man, who is currently a "Wild Card" in the Racin' For a Livin' contest, and you can vote for him by clicking on the Racin' for a Livin' link and clicking on "Vote" under the Wild Card section.
And for more on Danny? Here's a newspaper article 
And Richard Petty and Tony Stewart (my Boyfriend's favorite driver!) have teamed up with the Paralyzed Veterans of America 
So, I just wanted to pass on all these things to check out, and hope you all enjoy all the music,ridin', and racin'!!

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