Saturday, August 5, 2006

Hey,Please go vote for Danny!!

I mentioned Danny Lorton before in my "Music,Ridin',and Racin' post

but now time is running out to vote! Wild Card voting ends on Aug.15 on Racin for a Livin

and Danny has slipped to 14th place! Yikes!

You can go to the Racin for a Livin page, and click on the WildCard voting logo and then VOTE (and you can vote more than once.)

Why am I touting a racer I've never even met? Well, I heard a story from a fellow Soldiers Angels member about something really nice he did...and he has never given me or anyone else permission to publicize the story, which I think shows a GREAT DEAL of CLASS!!

And after I read this news article about him

I just thought it would be really fun, to do my small part to help someone else realize a dream:)
Realistically, Danny said in a recent email that he "only needs like 500,000 votes" to get back up in the top 5 before Aug.15.  So he "needs a miracle",like he said!  Well, at least me, and maybe my 4 or 5 readers, can try and help him out!!
And,by the way, he said send him an email if you vote
he wants to thank each voter personally!(Again, what a nice guy!!!)
So,please, consider voting...and thanks! if you do!  And feel free to spread the word about this, every little bit helps!!


stevietwain said...


I voted for him 3 times hun. I'll keep doing it as I have time, but it says on the site that 'Fraudelent votes' wont be counted. I dunno if that means only one of my votes will count?

I hope he wins hun!!

Lv Ste

kasee267 said...

Thanks,Ste!!   No, 'fraudulent votes' just means if someone uses an automated system to vote continuosly or something like long as you return to the 'home' page each time you vote again, your vote will count!!!

And be sure and send him an email,lol, that will flip him out...he says he's from a small town, you can tell him "hey,folks in the UK are votin for you!!"

Thanks again!!