Saturday, March 15, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

My weekly 'surf' of the blogosphere for news by, and about,   Soldiers Angels  (a little late this week,sorry! 'real life' was hectic!)

I've got Tons of stuff to pass on this week,yay :)

But First....Have you   Voted for Patti   today?  Don't forget! :)     She's moved up to third place, all of you Rock! (and now let's head for First Every Day, until March 31! :) As View From the 8th Floor says   Your Mom Will Understand.Really.

Tanker Brothers has two good posts, the first is   Marines Need You!  and then dear Aunty Brat also has  a special relationship-a dog story!  as a rebuttal to that awful story making the rounds about the video of a Marine throwing a dog off a cliff.


Soldiers Angels Louisiana reports the  Big Easy Cafe Drive a Huge Success

and Greta is busy again Today, with  BSM,SA, & The Girl Scouts   (former Girl Scout myself,here, this Rocks too :)

To give the Boy Scouts equal time?  Soldiers Angels Medical Support  has this 

 Another Eagle Scout Assists the Wounded


Greta also posts, over at Hooah Wife and Friends, about  Send Free Letters Through March


Keep My Soldier Safe a/k/a G.R.I.T.S. links to the  Robert Stokely Interview  from the Soldiers Angels Executive conference a few weeks ago.


From Texas:   Congressman Poe Collects Cards for U.S. Military  (Soldiers Angels was involved with that!) 

and Soldiers Angels Texas reports that a

Dallas Area Photographer Finds  Unique Way to Thank Our Military


Soldiers Angels' New York  (which is this week's  Featured SA blog ) posts on the  Soldiers Angels Museum

and you can see more about the Museum   Here 


Shelle Michaels posts  Soldiers Angels Encourages Support for a Memorial Dream  over at  "the campus PRofessionals" 

and then on  Soldiers Angels Network , posts  a slideshow from the Executive Leadership Meeting 

and also a link to the Glenn Beck Interview of Patti

and tells us about  Soldiers' Angels "Serving" for the 100th Anniversary of the United States Army Reserve

Soldiers Angels Network also linked to my last week's SA Web Surf  ,Wow! Thank You!!! :)

and then links This news story  McPherson Sentinal's Sentinet-News  about a Witchita,KS band named "Seasons After" which is playing a benefit concert Today, with a majority of the proceeds going to Soldiers Angels! Yay:)  You can find the band's MySpace profile  Here


I wanted to give a Shout Out to the  Newest 'Bama CTL  (community team leader), and I'll keep my eye out for the web site she's setting up:)

and also say hello to a New Angel  here  and to another blogger who mentions she's also an Angel,  here

Lastly, as she does every Sunday, Life in the Northeast tells us to  Remember...


And thus ends my weekly Soldiers Angels Web Surf for this past week

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