Thursday, July 17, 2008

Visit to Arlington National Cemetary

This past weekend, we visited  Arlington National Cemetary  for the first time. I've put together a slideshow of the pictures that Tony took.


What I don't think our pictures, or any pictures I've ever seen, the Vastness of Arlington. It's just immense.

We walked to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and JFK's memorial, and could see the Pentagon in the distance in one section we were in.

It was a quiet and reverant place to visit.

It's also the place where the  Run for the Fallen will finish up the cross-country run to honor our fallen heroes  from OIF on  Final Day Event: Sunday August 24

We hope to make it up to Arlington again, for that final day of the run, but I also noticed last evening on the Run for the Fallen website that on Day 63,August 16, the Run will be quite close to us here

RFTF.Day63.Aug16.Waynesboro, VA to Shannon Hill, VA (49.81 mi.)

and there is a link on Flickr to the fallen heroes that the Run will be honoring that day HERE

If you haven't checked out the Run for the Fallen Website? take some time to look over it  HERE  





mldaley83 said...

Awesome, awesome photos.  What a beautiful cemetery.  Hard to describe what I felt looking at the photo slideshow - awed, reverent, peaceful - again, what awesome photos.  I would love to visit there sometime.

Love you all, Mom

mereel2005 said...

Words fail me. Yes, it is beautiful, peaceful, but I also feel a hallowed place.