Monday, April 7, 2008

Things to Pass On

Various things in my inbox piling up that I wanted to pass along,so here goes:

Michael Yon's  Color of War  dispatch.

An Air Force Mom has started a website  Remembering the Fallen  ,she's putting a lot of time into listing our Fallen Heroes and linking back to each one's  webpage, she's currently up to 2003, please stop by and take a look.

Friend Kat at Yikes! is starting her next card drive

Operation Love From Home: 4th of July Card Drive for Troops!


Friend Paulette had another great blog post up the other day    It Matters


Doc in the Box might have a second job :)  Sean Dustman, Columnist?  Way cool,huh!


Paul Rieckhoff had a review of the film "Stop- Loss"

Stop-Loss: Another Hollywood Iraq Film Misses the Mark

and in it he has links to two upcoming projects, an HBO special called Generation Kill

and a movie slated for 2009  Green Zone

He also mentions Deborah Scranton's  The War Tapes   ,whcih allows me to segue into asking "Have you seen the PBS Frontline special  Bad Voodoo's War  yet?

If you haven't? it's now available to watch online, plus there's lots of extra features on the website now

Click here: FRONTLINE: bad voodoo's war | PBS

while trawling the web for mentions and reviews of Bad Voodoo's war, came across this interesting post, from someone who has Met SFC Toby Nunn  Bad Voodoo Tonight


And,lastly, here's a famous Milblogger who's going to be at the 2008 World T.E.A.M Sports Face of America Bike Ride

Maj.Ziegenfuss, of  From My Position...On the Way!  Hell on Wheels 2008


That's all I had to pass along for now! Hope everyone has a good week!


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afmomdeb said...

THANK YOU Kathi for the mention.   :)

I'm listing all from Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom
day by day.   So if today is April 12, you can scroll down
the blog and KNOW who gave their all today.  
Between 2001 and 2007 there are 18 heroes.
The hard part is going back and making 2008

The signing of the Legacy guestbooks is SO VITAL.
A military mom friend was concerned that it might be
upsetting to have folks post, but I have been assured by
several Gold Star Moms it's an honor to know their children
are being remembered with a message left at the
online guestbooks.

THANKS AGAIN for getting the word out.
xo xo
Deb in Ohio
Proud AF Mom and AF MIL

The Other Side