Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 3-Day One-2008 Face of America Bike Ride

My daughter and I had a great time volunteering yesterday, for the first leg of the

2008 Face of America Bike Ride

Here's the slide show I put together of my pics



It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day!  We were on the 'banner team', we helped put up banners at the start of the ride, take them down, put them up at the lunch stop, take them down, and put them up at the last stop of the day .

The lunch stop was in a very pretty park, I separated out those photos here



We had a wonderful time seeing many Angels we'd met last year, and meeting new Angels and others who came to volunteer this year,and talking with some of the riders.

We also got to meet a 'blogging buddy' of mine,Finally, I've tried to get together with her before but it never worked out. It's always so much fun, to meet in person the people you've spent so much time talking to online!

The second leg of the ride,up to Gettysburg, is today. Looking forward to seeing other's pictures of those, and as I come across more photos/videos from the ride, I'll pass them along!


trace7 said...

Looks like beautiful weather for it!  Glad you had fun!

April is so TALL.

ceilisundancer said...

I'm glad you could come up to "my" neck of the woods, so to speak!  That park is one of my all-time favorites.  Good cause, good day.  You're modeling well for April, also, by doing these things.  Even if she may prefer to not model thee same clothing.  lol :)

kasee267 said...

LOL....heavens NO, you Can't wear the Same shirt as your Mother, can you? :)

Thanks, it was Great! to finally meet you....and what a gorgeous day, and place, that was :)


lsk49rs said...

What fun, though I must admit my personal belief is that exercise, no matter what the good cause involved, means sweaty - and that is just WRONG.


'40lbs less than Jan 7" Leslie