Tuesday, June 17, 2008

As Milblogging.com Nears a Milestone...

As Milblogging.com nears a Milestone   Milblogging.com Approaches 2,000 Military Blog Milestone   I decided to take a look back through the archives over there.

After all, over the years JP has gone from calling me a 'Milblogging.com fan' to referring to me as a 'Milblogging.com FANATIC' (and there was that paper served that said 'restraining order'....LOL, just kidding:)

Anyway, the idea for looking through the archives originated because I was wondering why, in his Milestone post, JP hadn't linked back to his very first entry on Milblogging.com?

I noticed on the Milblogging.com website that there was a handy link listed at the bottom of the home page that said BLOG ARCHIVES and thought to myself "oh, this will be easy."

Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the link and came to a page that said UNDER CONSTRUCTION  (not sure 'surprise' is the word I want to use there.....'chagrin'? 'cursing'?'frustration'?) 

So, it seemed my only solution was to scroll backwards in time, all the way back to October 31,2005,which is where I found  the first entry

Hmmmm...not very auspicious, was it?  Fortunately for all of us, Milblogging.com evolved....as did JP.....

From then:

To Now:

Actually, scrolling through the Milblogging.com archives all the way back to the beginning was like scrolling through the evolution of Milblogs themselves.  I came across references to so many of the first milblogs which have now faded into the mists, as their writers returned to 'real life' from deployment, and ceased blogging.....and I recalled the excitement of discovering them for the first time, and avidly reading them as often as I could.

I also came across the numbers JP posted as he added milblogs to the Milblogging.com database, like  Saturday,November 5,2005: A listing of 505 milblogs   going on to  Sunday,February 12,2006: 1,209 Milblogs in the database  and  Friday,September 8,2006: Tada! Here's the #1,500 military blog! 

So, as you can see, it's taken awhile for Milblogging.com to get near this Milestone of 2,000 Milblogs. Currently, the site lists " 1,998 military blogs in 37 countries with 5,261 registered members "  Yes,JP and Milblogging.com have come a long way, from that first posting of 505 milblogs spread over 15 countries .

JP started out with a dream of creating a database of military blogs for everyone to access......and I personally think he's done a Great job, at making that dream a reality!

So, here's to you, JP! Congratulations! on nearing this important milestone!

and Thanks! for letting all of us share in the journey, as you made that dream come true!


Three years later,there are still many great milbogs being added to the database. If you haven't yet checked out  Milblogging.com ......what are you waiting for? Go  HERE


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