Friday, June 6, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

Another weekly ‘web surf’ for news by, and about, Soldiers Angels

The June edition of the Soldiers Angels newsletter is out, go check out Calling All Angels

Now that summer is here…..folks are out on the road. Mary Ann of Soldiers Angels Germany tells us about a cool ROAD TRIP!!! that a vet is taking. (and the link to his blogging about it is Daniel’s Big Trip )

For more ‘on the road’……

I came across this story at the in Wilkes-Barre,PA A winning hand helps disabled vets

and figured it was time for a reminder that there is a Soldiers Angels Riding Club SARC of PA

While I really can’t see any good way to segue from ‘on the road’ to ’tissue packets’? ( maybe you Need ’tissue packets’ when you’re ‘on the road’? I know…Lame:) that’s where the next link is headed.

An unexpected mention of the Soldiers Angels Traveling Museum in a story in The Earth Times titled Creative Jones Takes Top Honors in National Tissue Pack Contest

(that’s what’s cool about doing this ‘web surf’….you just never know Where you’ll end up, when you’re looking for news about Soldiers Angels!)

Kudos to the top prize winner, but I want to mention the second place winner, here’s what the article said:

“The second place winner is Street Dogs Event Marketing recognized for their heartfelt entry for the Soldiers’ Angels Museum, a traveling museum that shows images and memorabilia from U.S. troops.
Soldiers’ Angels is the largest non-profit group of its kind that supplies U.S. soldiers with necessary items while they are stationed away from home.

The winning tissue packs display the message “You will need these” with the objective of inviting communities to visit the organization’s museum.
The tissue packs, emblazoned with the Soldiers’ Angels logo, would be distributed in a direct mail piece to targeted groups of potential donors. Street Dogs Event Marketing will be donating their $2,500 prize money to the Soldiers’ Angels Museum.”

Soldiers Angels Texas tells about another news article Texas Angel In Bay City, TX Makes Newspaper

Wendy’s Wonderings tells us a little more about the Soldiers’ Angels Cookie Cook Book

and KY Woman at Little Drops…..Into the Pool of Life not only urges folks to “do something for those defending us”, such as “visit Soldiers Angels “,but she also has a Great blog round-up of “what has been going on with our ‘Guys’ in other countries and here at home.” ( I So love a good blog round-up!:) Check out her post Time Slipping Away…

Lastly, as she does every Sunday, this past Sunday Life in the Northeast
asked us to Remember…

Short ’surf’….but chock-full of news, enjoy reading the links!

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