Monday, December 17, 2007

"Christmas in Fallujah"

Came across this, thanks to   Paul Rieckhoff

Billy Joel wrote this song based on letters he received from troops serving in the combat zones.
Joel gave the song to a virtually unknown 21-year-old singer named Cass Dillon--a guy he chose because he wanted a singer the age of many of the troops in Iraq.
Check out "Christmas in Fallujah" here (with lyrics):

Joel and Dillon have pledged the proceeds of the song to Homes for Our Troops


Let me know what you think of the song...I've already heard from one currently serving soldier,who Doesn't like it....and I'm still undecided, how I feel about it.



ceilisundancer said...

I missed where to find the lyrics?

I don't have speakers, yet!, so can't hear it, and my lipreading skills are apparently quite poor.

kasee267 said...

The lyrics show up on the video (for all the 'speakerless' folks, I guess:)

too bad you can't hear the tune,tho!