Monday, December 3, 2007

My Daughter's Church Solo

I wasn't going to do this on this blog,LOL, I posted it on my 'family' blog...but what the heck are parents for, if not to embarass their children? :)

My daughter's church solo yesterday.



cmuirw1 said...

your daughter is such a gorgeous gem. you are one lucky gal. :) of course, one reason your baby girl is such a sweetheart is due to her lovely mother. and of course her great dad.

kasee267 said...

Aww...Thank You, Courtney :)

butch9436 said...

And ... you come by those bragging rights, honestly.  She is lovely; and boy, what a soprano voice.  Not many folks can do those high notes.  AND ... by the way, I love that song.  JOYEUX NO√čL! MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Cajun Sissy