Monday, December 17, 2007

Quote of the Day

When I got dressed to go to the Wreaths Across America ceremony in Staunton on Saturday

I came downstairs and asked April how I looked?

Her answer?......"Overtly American"

ROFL. This is what I was wearing:

(the picture is me on the left, with my aunt Lynn )



butch9436 said...

"Overtly American"; ;-) And she was soooooooooo right.  That is a beautiful sweater.  Hope all went well.  Cajun Sissy  DIEU TE BENISSE!

kasee267 said... might be beautiful to Us? but not, I guess, if you're 15!  She said they were having a 'Christmas sweater week" at school this I offered for her to wear this one.  A look of Sheer Horror on her face,ROFL.

Clearly, this is an 'old lady' sweater! LOL :)