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2,996.....I Remember....Catherine Carmen Gorayeb

2,996...I Remember....Catherine Carmen Gorayeb
Name: Catherine Carmen Gorayeb
Age: 41
Residence: New York, NY, United States
Occupation: marketing director, Random Walk Computing
Location: World Trade Center
Link to a photo of Catherine Carmen Gorayeb at  Voices of September 11
Catherine Carmen Gorayeb ("Cathy") was a working single mother of a beloved daughter, Katie, who was 2 years old at the time Catherine died.
From some of the tributes left in her Guestbook 
I got a glimpse of this much-loved woman, and I include excerpts below:
From one of her brothers:
It's hard to find reason in this loss...Cath was just a happy, pretty, smart, single-mom trying to make her way in the busy world of New York...I guess the only thing that I can point to is the way this horrible loss has pulled our family (and I mean our extended family) together...and I know that would have made Cathy very happy.
From those who knew her at various times in her life:
 I will always remember her smile andher efforts to help me when possible. She was happiest when she was leaving the office to pick up her daughter
When I think of Cathy, I will always think of a person who made anything and everything possible for herself. Nothing seemed too intimidating.
I knew Catherine as Kate's mom. I worked at the nursery in Battery Park City that Kate attended.  The children at the nursery knew her as Bagel Mom. Every single time she came to pick up Kate, she always had fresh bagels from the bakery. Catherine would come in the door and would enthusiatically proclaim "I am the bagel mom" and would pass out bagels with Kate to all of the children in Kate's classroom. She was very vivacious and had so much energy. Caterine always addressed every child in the room by name before taking Kate home.
I also remember one day when we were doing musical and dancing activities with the children. There was a basket full of sunglasses in the classroom and each of the children and teachers were wearing sunglasses. Kate always loved to dance to the song "Put Your Hands Up Baby." Kate was dancing in front of the mirror when her mom came to pick her up. Catherine grabbed a pair of sunglasses and sang and danced with Kate in the mirror. I didn't know Catherine well, but I do know that she loved Kate to pieces and that Kate loved her.
I want to let you know that it was a great getting to know you in high school. You always had a quick smile for everyone in the hallways. In our senior year I remember hearing that a group of "the cool girls" were going off to St. Lawrence. It sounds like you had a great time and cast your bright light into the world and onto all those around you. It has been quite some time since then. We just had our 25 year Class Reunion. Wish you were there. I want to assure you that we were thinking of you. You are one not easily forgotten
I think about Catherine often and am very pleased to have found this tribute site.

Catherine and I worked together at Netscape, and frankly I am obliged to say that she was largely responsible for my first promotion there. At the time, Netscape was the hottest thing in the business world and New York sales office was a hot bed of activity. But the insanity of the "dot com" boom was no match for Catherine. While the VP in charge kept revenues flowing through the door, Catherine ran the operation with relentless energy. Anyone who was there would tell you that not only did Catherine dot all the "i's" and cross all the "t's," she also kept the "sh's" from hitting the fan.

Catherine's energy was not limted to her professional life. I considered her a trusted friend and valued advisor. I know I am not alone.

If I am lucky enough to meet Kate someday I will tell her how much she was and still is loved by her Mom. The most amazing thing about her love for Kate was the energy and joy that would radiate from Catherine's face with just the mention of her name.

Please know that Catherine made a tremendous difference in my life and that when I think about her I am reminded of how important the people we interact with every day really are. I am also reminded of how much energy Catherine was able to summon on any given day. Hopefully, the next time I'm feeling a little over-taxed by life's daily grind, the memory of Catherine's high-octane tenacity or better still, the smile she wore for Kate, will be enough to get me through the day.
As a "Kathryn" myself, and as someone who was a single mother for many years? The story of Catherine's life touched my heart, and that was why I wished to post a tribute to her this year as part of the  2,996 Project
I found, while researching Catherine, that her story continues to touch lives of people who never met her. At  this website  I found several references to a memorial bench with her name in Rhode Island. 
I was able to find a link to a picture of that bench, and I leave you with  that link

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