Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good-Bye Little Blog~AOL Journals Shutting Down

Well, I was saddened to read today that AOL Journals will be closing down on Oct.31,2008.

Since I had a suspicion this might be coming? I had already started a Blogger blog, where I've been cross-posting.

You can find me on Blogger at this link

Mail Call! Supporting the Troops

I started this little blog on AOL in March of 2006. I learned a lot about blogging using AOL Journals, and I'm sad to see AOL decide that they wanted to get rid of this particular product .

I won't be posting here anymore, I'll leave this post up so that you can follow me to my new 'home', just remember the link is here

Mail Call! Supporting the Troops

Hope to see you there!



northstar96sc said...

You do great things with your Blog-Thanks for letting me know where to find you!

lsk49rs said...

I will be at blogspot too!  Quiet Consecration....look for me there!