Monday, January 8, 2007

Monday Meanderings

(The pic is from our 2004 MN trip, when we stopped by

Gooseberry Falls )

I have several things to pass on from meanderings around the web, just seem to have been busy since the start of the year.

First of all,heard from Billy Hodges at Hunts for Heroes and he is going to be on Stardust Radio on TUESDAY ,along with some wounded soldiers from Brooke Army Medical Center.The link to Stardust radio is here  and specifically, the interview is part of the United We Roll World Tour Show  Way to go,Billy! And I can't say enough about what a wonderful program Hunts for Heroes is!! 

Heard from friend Paulette of My Rambling Mind that CBS news is down in Georgia doing a story about the upcoming deployment of the 3rd ID,she says check out the news TONIGHT.

Also heard from yet another soldier that I sent mail to last year, that he is leaving for a second tour......he's moved back up the prayer list!!

And hearing that news seems to me a good reminder to ask folks to please consider stopping by Soldiers Angels or or America Supports You and get involved in supporting our troops. I realize I'm probably "preaching to the choir" by posting this for the umpteenth time....but there is a very sobering post up on A Soldiers Perspective about the possible difference mail can make  

The following news is WAY overdue.....don't know how I missed this? (well, yes, I do, lol, can you say 'dorks r us?")but I hadn't seen any new updates for quite awhile about Sgt.Kevin Downs, and then last night at the website, I realized there is a link called "A Home for Kevin"where since Nov.11,2006 (sheesh,am I slow or what???)postings have been going on there.Please go check it out,if you haven't already done so

There are also recent updates on both Sgt.Eric Edmundsen  and  Jose Pequeno ,please stop by there and let them, and their families ,know that they are not forgotten.

White Rose, author of "Cindy in Iraq" is officially in the Army now, she has a video of her swearing in here

and speaking of people going in the Army,I'm not supposed to blog about it,lol, but a young man who is very close to our family is leaving for Basic  this month(and he'll never know I posted this,cause he never reads my blog!!!)We're extremely proud of him,so best of luck "D"!!

Last week was  a sobering week, I recieved nine names to send condolences to the families of fallen soldiers, for the Soldiers Angels Living Legends team   I knew this would be a difficult team to be a part of, but I also think it's important to let the families of the fallen know that we are holding them in our hearts and prayers.

That's it for today. God bless our troops!!


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