Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Homecoming,Deployment, and A Little Bit of Everything

I had every intention of passing on some of these things sometime between Friday and posting the Wednesday Hero post, but ended up spending two days trying to repair whatever my daughter had done to mess up Real Player, Itunes, AND her IPOD,lol. I still don't know what I did to fix everything? but I did finally get it all working correctly again :)

First of all, a big WELCOME HOME! to Bruce of Bruce's Deployment to Afghanistan  I looked forward to his weekly posts and his fantastic pictures, and it's so nice to know he's on his way home.

Then, some  news from JP at (and I know everyone has probably already seen this, since I'm so slow in posting) He is getting deployed again. Webmaster Announcement  He and his family will most assuredly be moving up on our prayer list!

He mentions in his announcement the 2007 Milblog Conference, and I've been meaning to pass on the website for that   Click here: 2007 MilBlog Conference  And Soldiers Angels own Patti Patten-Bader is going to be one of the Panelists!

Under the heading of Remembering Our Wounded and Ill Veterans, I was recently contacted by a Desert Storm veteran. He is in Indianopolis, and I wanted to pass on the word about a fundraiser that is being held for him  

Betsy Reason column: Community rallies around ill Desert Storm veteran

That's pretty far from my neck of the woods, but please feel free to copy this and spread the word about this. And THANK YOU, Robin, for your service to our country!

Another recovering soldier that I've mentioned before has recently had quite a bit of media coverage. Please go check out the Caring Bridge page for Eric Edmundson and read through the last few Journal entries to see all the links to articles and news coverage. I do particularly want to pass on one link to a news interview

Soldier's Father Makes Sacrifices to Help Wounded Son

And while you're at his page, please consider leaving a message for Eric!

This is just cool! A soldier who is currently deployed wants to customize a motorcycle to honor our fallen soldiers   Click here: Fallen Soldier Bike

Send a Valentine Message  Willie at Soldiers Angels Europe is posting Valentine messages to our troops,please consider sending one :) 

Lastly, this is 'off topic' but too great not to pass on, for any fellow 'dorks' out there. A fellow member of the Wednesday Hero blogroll , at Did You Ever Get the Feeling actually has a blogroll for, you guessed it   Dorkbloggers   !
That's it,whew! finally managed to get a blog post up!
God Bless Our Troops, and their families.


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jennfactor10 said...

Thanks for the mention of DorkBloggers, and, more importantly, thanks for all of the hard work you do to get the word out to support our troops!