Friday, February 2, 2007

Happy Groundhog Day

Using a picture of the movie that apparently most portrays what it's like to be deployed to Iraq (based on 2 years of milblog reading and letters from the troops) to belatedly say Happy Groundhog Day to you all! ( I slept today,lol, was working night shift this past week.) I'm also Still trying to figure out why this movie was shown on Christmas Eve? is there a Christmas connection that I don't get? or did they just figure no one would be up at 3 am on Christmas Eve(except for the folks like me who were working?)and so there was no need to show a Christmas movie?

Putting questions like that which will never be answered aside, I just have a few odds and ends to post this evening. Things I want to put out there for all 10 to 20 of my readers:)  (and THANK YOU! for stopping by!! As always:)

Firstly, because I subscribe to all sorts of DOD newsletters (and you can do that yourself here )   and also subscribe to the America Supports You newsletter  (and you can subscribe to that at the bottom of the page here)

I wanted to pass on this story 

America Supports You: Top Enlisted Servicemember Gets Milestone Letter

and I also wanted to say that now I have found out that "mail call" works both ways,lol. With the boyfriend's son in Army Basic training now, we are eagerly awaiting the message with his unit's address,so we can start sending notes and cards (although he instructed me before he left 'don't send too many',lol, as he doesn't want to 'stand out') When we got the form letter saying he had arrived and was going through processing,I was as excited as if he had written himself! Mailboxes....they've become such an important part of my life as a Soldiers Angel , and now I have yet another reason to haunt my mailbox and eagerly await the mailperson!

Never Forget

The next thing of interest via the DOD newsletter subscriptions was this

Pentagon Memorial Bench Prototype Unveiled

and then I also received an update from the 

World Trade Center Memorial Foundation

Going back to the subject of 'mail', Kat at Yikes! posts on the success of her Operation: Valentine card drive (and she did this while suffering from pneumonia!) 

If you want to send some Valentine wishes yourself? again, Willie at Soldiers Angels Europe is posting messages to the troops

If you simply want to send encouraging words to a deployed soldier? (who has been extended) Sack over at Half A World Away is posting by email now, and  says here  "Also I can't respond to any comments by email either, but I do have it set up now so I get any new comments emailed to me.  So keep the comments coming!  It always puts a smile on my face to know that someone is reading what I write. " 
So why not go post a comment, and put a smile on his face? :)  
The Online Chaplain (also extended) had a great post the other day 
If you were wondering what happened after the VA Mortgage Blog contest? 
Two new entries on the Blogroll
Click here: The Thunder Run (David and company do a fantastic job,much better than I, of pointing out articles of interest...and he added me to his blogroll recently, which was totally unexpected and MUCH appreciated!! THANK YOU,DAVID!)
Click here: (I had this on the blogroll at one point and didn't realize it had gotten lost in the shuffle somewhere along the way. For excellent writing, you can never go wrong stopping by there.)
(and I have no idea why my fonts and sizes are going all wacky, one of the drawbacks of being 'half a geek', I guess:)
Lastly, yet another book that I want to get!!:)  Click here: Saving Babylon
Speaking of books, also wanted to pass this on,came across it via Cool Blue Blog , who sent me here  Click here: Whatever: A Special Edition of The Ghost Brigades  where it says
"If you're currently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan and would like to receive an electronic edition of The Ghost Brigades to read and (hopefully) enjoy, all you have to do is send an e-mail from your .mil account to and ask for it. As soon as I get your request, I'll send you an .rtf document (about 584kb in size), which you can format as you please for whatever you read things on."
(The posting was back in November, so don't know if this is still going on? But worth passing on, I thought, even this belatedly, in case it is still valid.)
That's all for Groundhog Day, and besides, my daughter is telling me that my 'computer time' is over now, and it's Her turn!! :)
God bless our Troops, and their families.

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