Friday, February 9, 2007

SHINEDOWN Plays Iraq, and an Update on Kat's New Home

From Toni at Bear Creek Ledger (who got it from The Jawa Report ) here's a SHINEDOWN  video from their trip to Iraq. Very cool:)



Here's the band's homepage Click here: Shinedown Homepage

It was great to see this band supporting our troops!!

 and anyone who knows me knows my musical tastes range from 'old school' to ...just about anything,LOL, from 'bubble gum rock' (thanks to the 15 year old) to rap to metal to country to bluegrass....everything but opera! So,here's a link to one of My favorite Shinedown songs  Click here: Shinedown:Us and Them: 'Save Me'


IN OTHER NEWS, I promised a link when Kat at Yikes! posted more about their new home. Here's the link

And it still just warms my heart to hear about this, it couldn't have happened to nicer folks!!



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