Monday, February 19, 2007

Milbloggies,Gathering of Eagles, and More....

Well, there's nothing like waiting till the last minute to post about stuff, but I have had very limited time on the computer since last Thursday....just 'real life' ,lol, getting in the way of 'cyber time'.

The high school production of Oliver! that my daughter was in from Thursday through Sunday was Very well done! :)

And now that I finally have some time to post, I think I'd first better mention the 2007 Milbloggies, over at, for any of you who haven't seen that yet.

Nominations are now Open for the 2006 Milbloggies

This is VERY late, as you'll notice it says....." All nominations must be submitted online through by 5:00 pm EST on February 21, 2007. "

but then on Feb. 22 it will move into the Voting phase

" The top five nominees in each branch and country category will be announced on February 22nd and those nominees will move into the Voting Phase beginning February 22, 2007.  The Voting Phase will close on February February 26, 2007.  Instructions on voting will appear on the website on February 22, 2007. "

So get your nominations in quickly, if you haven't already, and then please be sure to stop by and vote between Feb. 22 and Feb. 26 !

Something else to pass on, (which everyone readingthis has most likely already seen,lol )is about the Gathering of Eagles on March 17.

You can read more about it here 

and then it seems that the official website has moved here 
(although you can still access the message board posted in the first article about it.)
This is something that the boyfriend and I (he's an Army vet) want to attend, although I will have to do some horse-trading with my coworkers to be able to accomplish it.
I do want to pass on that in searching both sites for more specific information about a Time to meet, etc? It seems that the only information posted so far is the date, and more will be posted later.
And although this is Not a Patriot Guard Riders event, there was something posted on the website by the PGR Board of Directors about it. 
I'll keep everyone updated about that as I find out more.
Other things I have been meaning to pass on are that there were several new blogs added to the Wednesday Hero Blogroll  and although I have stopped by and checked out, and like All of them :) I wanted to specifically mention this one 
a fellow member of Soldiers Angels who has a wonderful blog,and some new-to-me  Angels blogs listed in her blogroll that you might want to check out! (and she linked Me,Thank You!:)
Some other Soldiers Angels news  
We at Soldiers Angels are excited to announce many new products.
The New Logo Fleece blanket which is just stunning and the Soldiers Angels Tote Bag is useful as well as good looking. Please come by our Angels Store
I also recently heard from Billy at   HUNTS FOR HEROES  and he sent this great link to a video  
I hope Billy doesn't mind me quoting him, but he ended his email with :
"I surround myself with heroes, and I am proud to stand in their shadows" Billy
and I think the video and his quote says it all.
Along the same lines, Laurie at Soldiers Angels New York  had a post about this
There's a new Pentagon Channel web site
And, lastly, if you check out the
 CaringBridge page for Sgt. Eric Edmundson  (also listed in my sidebar)
his sister posted this on Monday 
MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2007 05:52 PM, CST

Dear all,

As I shared in the previous entry, this year has been filled with many experiences. One of the experiences thatwe cherish is the connection we have made with so many brave Service Members and the families supporting them.

I write you today asking you to extend your positive thoughts, prayers, and love to a brave Soldier and his family.

I respectfully ask that no judgment or questions be extended on the family's decisions, but to just let them know that many positive thoughts and prayers for Ethan will be said.

Ethan was seriously wounded on March 5, 2006, and has had his family by his side ever since.

Ethan's story can be viewed at:

Saying a prayer for Ethan,



I'm adding Ethan and his family to my prayers, and ask that you will consider doing the same.

That's all I have to post for now.

God bless our Troops, and their families.



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