Monday, February 12, 2007

More Dorky Adventures..

One of the reasons I was so happy to come across  Dorkbloggers  was that I continually have what can only be referred to as 'dorky' experiences:)

In searching for definitions of a dork, the  Online Dictionary  says :

dork \dork\ (d[^o]rk), n.
     1. a person who is stupid, socially inept, or ridiculous;

(I think 'dork' as it applies to me most often falls in the category of 'ridiculous',LOL, although I'm not denying there's perhaps some 'stupidity' in there...and lets not even talk about 'socially inept':)

My two most recent dork experiences are....the boyfriend stopped by the other day  while I was finishing getting ready for work, and because it was about NINE degrees outside that day, he said when he left "I'll start your car so it will warm up."  By the time I finished getting guessed it...I had totally FORGOTTEN that he had done that! So, I spent a good five minutes running around the house, searching frantically for my car keys,before I remembered.

And then came Sunday,lol.

I was home alone, and had decided to go out to our storage shed to get some boxes. While I was IN the storage shed, the door swung shut behind me. This was the Wrong time to find out that the door latches on the outside when it closes, so I couldn't just push the door back open.

I'm in the dark, in the cold ( I did have a light jacket on) with no idea exactly what time my daughter is going to be home. And because it was so cold out, I can't hear Any of my neighbors outside.

So I tell myself 'don't panic' (although panic Does help tend to keep you Warm,at least:)and I search around for something I can possibly use to stick through the door and try and flip the latch.

Found out that the fishing pole my son had left in the shed didn't work (and almost got the hook stuck in my finger.) The golf clubs he had left were too thick to fit through the latch. Just throwing myself against the door hadn't worked.  I finally came up with the idea of sticking the shovel in the bottom part of the door and pushing against it, so I could fit the golf club through the gap and try and hit the latch with the end of it. (I'm not a golfer....possibly I was using a 'driver'? lol)

Hit a glitch for a minute with this idea, when the plastic handle of the shovel decided to break off in the middle of this attempt, but then finally managed to get the golf club through the gap and was waving it around back towards the latch.

And this is the scene my daughter walked up on. A golf club sticking out of the door handle of the shed, waving around in the air. Her comment? "Wow, the storage shed is magical!"

And that's when I yelled "Help! I'm trapped!"

My daughter, while then opening the door, is starting to dissolve into gales of laughter,so hard she can barely talk...although she does keep gasping "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's just so funny!" I'm not really appreciating the humorous aspect of this at the time, I'm just Very glad to be out of the shed.  We go into the house, and I call my aunt who had just dropped my daughter off,to say 'good thing you brought April home when you did!" and She starts laughing.

I call the boyfriend, and He starts laughing, and is also saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I know it probably doesn't seem that funny to You.....but the mental picture!" My daughter has also begun a second round of laughter while hearing me retell the story. I am surrounded by laughing hyenas. I said to them "This will probably seem funny to me LATER."

I later called my mother who, bless her, managed to keep from laughing for several minutes...but  then she,too, started to chuckle and then to laugh out loud.

I am passing this story on because I have finally come to appreciate some of the humor in it:)

And you know you are addicted to both letter writing to the troops, and blogging, when you first two thoughts after all is said and done are....I can put this story in a letter to a soldier! and then,this will be a great blog post! LOL.

Well, that was My weekend. Hope my Week is better, and hope everyone else has a good week!


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jennfactor10 said...

Oh, love, I hope your week gets better, because you just made mine great--You ARE a Dork.  We may have to start issuing cards--Then you can tell people you area card carrying member of the DorkNation.

xoxo, Jen @