Monday, February 5, 2007

A Thank You to Soldiers Angels, and a Request for Prayers

The other day, FBL at Fuzzilicious Thinking posted a Thank You letter to Soldiers Angels that says in part

"First, let me say thank you to all of you in Soldiers' Angels. Your Group are really wonderful and great.

My name is [Mrs.] D and my husband Chief D. We have 2 kids [ages 14 and 12]. My husband and I are both from the Philippines and migrated here in the states some 20 years ago.

My husband was station in USS Frank Cable in Guam just a couple of months when the unfortunate
accident happen in the ship. Him and other sailors (7) were involved in a steam burn due to one of the boiler exploded................................."

(You can read the rest of her post and the letter here)  Click here: Fuzzilicious Thinking: Update on a U.S.S. Frank Cable Sailor

but what I wanted to particularly pass on was at the end of the post, FBL writes:   "From other sources I have learned that Chief D is by far the most seriously injured of those who have survived to this point. The lung damage is "very, very bad." In her reply when I asked if I could publish her note, Mrs D included the following revealing sentence: "I know that at this point I can use all the prayers and support from all of you."

So I wanted to pass on that prayer request to all of you, in hopes that you will join your prayers to the battle,please.

And also at the end of her post, FBL says that if you wish to send an encouraging email to Mrs. D? you can forward it to her and she will pass it on. The link is on her blog  Click here: Fuzzilicious Thinking: Update on a U.S.S. Frank Cable Sailor

And there were others injured  in that accident who could also use your prayers. For the back story, if you haven't seen it, Bubblehead at The Stupid Shall be Punished first posted about the accident here on Dec.1,2006  Click here: The Stupid Shall Be Punished: Steam Leak On Sub Tender USS Frank Cable

and updated here Click here: The Stupid Shall Be Punished: Update On The USS Frank Cable Boiler Accident

and here Click here: The Stupid Shall Be Punished: Quick Updates On MSP And Frank Cable Accidents

What led to this post is that this evening I also came across a post by cdr salamander about the Thank You note Click here: CDR Salamander: One of Arkin's Mercs

in which he reminds everyone that "Remember, it isn't just in direct contact with the enemy that people give their all for their nation. Also remember, through the programs above, you can help - it is just a click away."

And the programs he is referring to are

Soldiers Angels

and Valour IT

So please consider "clicking", and certainly also consider praying...for both Capt D and his family, and the other recovering sailors.

Thank You. And all of the above is why it continues to be an honor and a privilege, to be a small part of Soldiers Angels , and to SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.


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