Thursday, February 8, 2007

Tagged Again,LOL. 6 Weird Things/Habits about Myself

I just found out I got 'tagged' in one of the current memes going around, by Indian Chris


The rules are as follows. You blog about six weird things or habits of your own, then tag six friends and make sure you inform them that they have been tagged.

1. I don't like peanut butter

2. I don't like strawberries

3. When I'm by myself in the car, if a song comes on that I like? I play it so loud to sing along that I often miss cell phone calls

4. (related to #3) I cannot carry a tune!

5. I'm addicted to blogging

6. I'm a dork, which leads to episodes in my life like getting the chips display caught on my jeans while walking thru Subways

 hitting the Children's Miracle Network metal donation container while pulling up at a drive thru window,  and

falling down while waving.(have to scroll down for that lovely story)

I have no hopes that anyone I tag will participate,LOL, based on the fact that no one did Last Time I got tagged...but here's my picks anyway

(I had already gotten 'tagged' like this on Yahoo 360, should've known someone would get me on this blog:)

My 6 friends I'm tagging are:

1. Leslie (Yay! She played along! Plus, put up a nice post her deployed cousin sent. Thanks,Leslie:) please click her link.

2. My Sis

3.  Dorkbloggers (LOL, like THAT will be difficult, for a 'dork' to come up with 6 weird things?:)

4.  Maria

5.  Emily

6.  The Wandering Author  (Very nice author I first met through the 2,996 project. And he recently listed me in his blogroll, for which I wanted to say a big Thank You!)UPDATE Yay,he played along,also. Ya never know, with memes,lol. Please click on his link:)

Well, that's all for today.


therealslimemmy said...

oh man i can be clumsy sometimes too :)
i'll have to find some time and do this one...i think i did it not too long ago somewhere...

lsk49rs said...

You want clumsy?  I trip over things on the floor that do not exist.  I really really do......I put something on my blog today I received from Kenny in Iraq.