Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Prayers Needed-Please Spread the Word

Mary Ann at Soldiers Angels Germany tells us

Prayers needed for our Hero DJ Emery

Adding my prayers to all the others, and asking you to please help spread the word. Thank you.



ceilisundancer said...

She posted his actual address, but it's in the U.S., so I guess that's okay to do (with his permission)?

He's in my county right now.  I used to know the chaplain there -- I don't know if he still is or not (I knew his wife better, and his daughter danced with mine).  

Yes, prayers to E.J.  He's too young to have such hardships :(

peytonswater said...

Going to go read :)

kasee267 said...

Thanks, to both of you. Yes, Robin, she posted it with his permission, I'm sure. That's fantastic, if you still know the chaplain there!  This hero and his family have gone through So much...I hate to hear aobut this setback.