Friday, February 8, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

I always greatly enjoy doing this weekly meme :) because I get to spend all week reading blog posts by and about   Soldiers Angels    and then get to pass all this on to all of you:) Here's this week's 'surf'.....

Huge News! :)

Greta  sent me This bit of Fantastic News!   "Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous benefactor, a contribution of $25,000 will be made in honor of the author to Soldiers' Angels "......Read all about it at  Soldiers Angels Network,

Power Line: Power Line Book of the Year: World War IV


God Bless   Golfers!   and Chris Choeppner!

Read here on  about  Chris Choeppner's Soldiers Angels Fund  , Chris was injured in Iraq back in January and his buddies at GolfWRX decided to run a giveaway of a putter to all those who donate  to Soldier's Angels in Chris' name.  This is running through the end of February. You can read the thread, but I especially wanted to highlight part of what Chris Choeppner had to say:

..."What Soldiers Angels does in a nutshell is to take care of Deployed Troops, and let them know that people back home are thinking about them. An example of this would be the Adoption's. What the soldiers do, is log on and submit their name for Adoption, or the Family can do it. What happens then, is that the Soldiers Angels have a family "Adopt" the Soldier for the length of thier deployment. I can tell you...My whole unit has been adopted by different famlies on there. All the people are volunteers, that just want to help. Then, for the length of the deployment,the Adopted family sends the servicemember, little care packages and cards and letters and the like. I'll tell you...The feeling you get at mail call when you have a care package is second to none, especially when you aren't expecting it....

For me..the cause got a little more personal....When I was hit, I was Medevaced to the CASH (Combat Aid Support Hospital) You arrive there with just what is on your back. I recieved the Backpack that Ryan posted pics of. Inside the bag was a change of clothes, shower and Hygine items, Shower Shoes, Books, Cards from Home, and a Hand Quilted blanket. Let me tell you...Getting something like that really makes you feel good. It really does. Everything in the bag, was done by the Soldiers Angels".....

It appears Chris is on the mend now, and back with his unit...wishing him the best, and also all those golfers!!

This 'N That

Speaking of donations, View from the 8th Floor recommends donating to support embeds for independent journalists  Interested in accurate reporting on the war?

Soldiers Angels New York tells us  What's New ...a job posting board for veterans, among other things.

Soldiers Angels Texas posts news about something in My state :) D-Day Memorial receives trove of clippings and also the needs of an   IRAQ COMBAT SUPPLY HOSPITAL

Butterfly Wife is still sending  Cards !

Soldiers Angels VA Team posts  Vietnam Veteran loses Arm for Second Time

Soldiers Angels Louisiana updates a post about Nickelodeon, and Linda Ellerbee , and links back to  ArmyWifeToddlerMom ...worth following all the links! 

 Life in the Northeast, as she does EverySunday, honors the Fallen with  Remember

New-to-Me Angels

Who are also much 'craftier' than I! 

Danielle's Semi-Daily Journal , and she  links to another crocheter who's making granny squares for afghans,for both wounded vets And children with cancer,  Kimberblog!


And this week's Featured Blog is  Gazing at the Flag

That's it, for this week's surf! God Bless Our Troops, and Their Families!



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