Friday, February 29, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

My weekly ’surf’ of the web, for news by and about Soldiers Angels

Soldiers Angels Germany asks us
Let’s Show the Sky Soldiers some love

and Soldiers Angels Louisiana is looking for some Angel help
(and Soldiers Angels Louisiana is the 'Featured Blog of the Week" this week)

Tanker Brothers posted about Jeremy’s House

A Soldiers Angel at Ballseye’s Boomers wrote Tour of Duty-Almost Complete

Affectioknit had a contest to guess what this photo was, and the correct answer was a package headed to Afghanistan for a soldier adopted through Soldiers Angels

and Life in the Northeast, who posts Remember… every Sunday, has completed

a book! Congratulations!

And now, for the posts I’ve found about the Soldiers Angels Executive conference that was held Feb. 21-23 in Pasadena….. has a Link to listen to the initial interview with key Soldiers Angels Leaders.

(and you’ll see at that link that there are 3 more hours of taped interviews that will be airing in March.)

Aunty Brat at Tanker Brothers blogged Here about her experience, Soldiers Angels New York blogged Here about it, and Laughing Wolf blogged Here

and Greta has 15 pictures taken at the conference and the Soldiers Angels museum Here

(and that link can be found, along with a video you should watch,  on Hooah Wife )

If you have a post or link about the Conference that I missed? Please send me an email at  and I’ll add it to this list!

That’s my ’surf’ for Soldiers Angels news this past week :)

I would like to add that when Greta got back from the conference, she emailed and asked me if I had a listing of blogs by members of Soldiers Angels? And I’ve been slowly compiling a list for about the past year, here at Blogs By Members of Soldiers Angels

It’s by No means a definitive list and,my apologies, it’s somewhat disorganized….I just add blogs to the list as I come across them, in hindsight perhaps not the most efficient method?LOL.

However, if you’re a blogging Soldiers Angel, and you Don’t see your blog listed? Please send me an email with your link, and I’ll add it!

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