Friday, February 15, 2008

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

My weekly meme of news by and about  Soldiers Angels  in the blogosphere.

It's a short 'surf' this week,mostly due to time constraints on my part :)

Soldiers Angels Texas links to  Operation Price of  Freedom  and I strongly urge you to follow the links. I had the privilege of hearing Chuck Ziegenfuss speak in person last year at the Milblog conference, and I was deeply moved.

Two 'New-to-Me' Angel blogs

Angels Updates is "all about the Michigan Soldiers Angels" a former Michigander myself? great to see them out there :)

You Have My Word has a great post......Lest We Forget

(and they've both been added to the blog where I try and keep a listing of  

Blogs By Members Of Soldiers Angels  )


Soldiers Angels Network  had so many great posts, that I just decided to send you over there to the whole blog, plus make them the Featured Blog of the Week.


And, as always, Life in the Northeast last Sunday posted....Remember

That's it for this week's surf. Hope everyone has a good weekend, and God Bless Our Troops, and their families.


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