Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Fellow Soldiers Angel's Store, and This and That

Soldiers Angel Holly Aho mentioned awhile back that her online store was open  
and now she is running a contest for bloggers to 'get the word out' about it  
So please consider checking out her store :) 
Kat has upped the ante now that she has received her original goal of Christmas cards for the troops  
I have missed two somber anniversaries
and a 'Blogiversary' for a fellow Soldiers Angel member (lol, she missed it too, at first :) Happy Blogiversary,Laurie!! 
Pete is finally HOME,with his family,YAY!  
On Monday (can you tell I'm kind of running behind on passing things on?LOL. life just seems to be hectic lately...and when,oh when, will I ever be completely unpacked from the move???!!) Sean at Doc in the Box posted about a fellow blogger and NPR...very cool  
Cindy, the author of  Cindy in Iraq  is trying to join the Army   
From brat,blogging at The Tanker Brothers, came this about a song yesterday 
You can go here to listen to it   "Heroes Need A Place To Cry"
Beautiful song!! and I have already added it to my own Myspace profile
As brat says, word is that this single will be available for release with all proceeds going to Soldiers Angels   I will let y'all know the logistics of how to do that as soon as I know, but in the meantime you can also stop by Molly Myles website to hear more of her music.
Hero to Hero has branched out into several different journal sites (and I need to update my sidebar under 'Other Journals', but I am watching the grandson for awhile right now:)
Paulette has a great series up on her blog
And,to end on a fun note:) via A Day in the Life of...
I came across this video 
(sorry,still can't seem to figure out how to embed anything but AOL videos)


Have a good weekend,everyone!! God bless our troops.




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