Saturday, November 11, 2006

MILBLOGGING 2.0 Way Cool ! :)

JP at has his site upgrades finished, and you can check them out here  
and all I can say (with grandmotherly geek excitement:) is....WOW!
(and that is the reason you see 'My Profile") listed in the sidebar now.)
I have to agree with JP that one of the coolest new features is the ability to 'claim' your blog on his site  
Military Blog Ownership Model

One of the coolest new changes is the ability to claim a blog has been added. Users can claim a blog from the Search Results pages, the Detailed Listing page, or from the My Milblogs section. The member must sign in and click the Unclaimed or Claim this milblog link. The member follows the instructions by copying and pasting the code to their website.
So, if you have a blog listed over there ? Go claim it ! :)
I neglected to mention his post the other day about a show on the Military Channel    Milbloggers on TV : My War Diary  (and unfortunately I missed the premier due to work...darn it, TIVO is starting to look more attractive!) but that did remind me that I had posted previously about this show when they were looking for submissions, and here is their home page  
and now, why not head over to and check out all the cool new stuff ?

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