Thursday, November 23, 2006

Have you checked out "My War Diary" yet?

So, have you checked out "My War Diary" on the Military Channel on Friday evenings yet?

Where you can see clips like this one

Their website says : "Don't miss an encore of the newest My War Diary episodes, "Keep Your Head Down" and "All in A Day's Work" on Friday, November 24 starting at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT."  so today would be your chance to check it out!! :)

I had posted on Nov.11 (a day late...why is this not a surprise somehow?) about the premiere episode airing on Nov.10 being mentioned on

and I knew I had mentioned this way back when they were starting to look for submissions. So when I started this post this morning, I went back and checked  and was surprised...I had first mentioned My War Diary on April 28  and then again on June 3 . I don't know, it just seemed kind of cool that something I heard about back then and passed on to all ( 8 to 10?lol) of my readers has evolved into this TV show.

From the producers and broadcasters of IRAQ: FRONT-LINE ER," comes a documentary series created for and by the men and women on the war front: "MY WAR DIARY."

 MY WAR DIARY offers un-filtered stories from the frontlines of Iraq, told by personal videos and photos sent by those serving in the armed forces. Each episode will present a broad range of the life in Iraq, from down time, to the emotional strain from being far from home, to gripping never-before-seen battle scenes.

 For as long as there have been wars, people have written home from the frontline. They have shared their thoughts, their fears and hopes, their pride in their work and their longing for a home-cooked meal and loved ones back home. In between the bullets and the frenzy of war are the moments not seen on the nightly news — the real moments of real people living in a war zone.

 MY WAR DIARY will feature everything from home videos — both in action and behind-the-scenes — to blogs and "old school" letters mailed home to Mom, Dad, friends and loved ones … each sharing a personal perspective on war.  The program will put a face and name to the men and women who are serving our country overseas. 

(and hey...if you are a soldier who'd like to submit video to them? You can check out this link

to find out how to do so.)


I'll be checking out  "MY WAR DIARY"  myself this evening, and hope you'll consider doing so,too! Feel free to come back and give me your thoughts afterwards, if you watch it : )   (Or please leave a comment now, if you've already seen it.)


UPDATE: We watched it, and really enjoyed both episodes....a very good show!!!:)



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