Monday, November 20, 2006

Links,links,links :)

The above pic has nothing to do with anything I'm going to post, this is a shot of my son and I at his Jailer's School graduation last Friday. (No, I'm not at all a proud mom, am I? LOL.)  And please ignore another hair coloring episode gone awry on my part,rofl....I was going for light auburn and seem to have ended up with darkened pumpkin head :)  Oh least I am seasonally appropriate!

I think I've mentioned before, I don't really consider myself a 'blogger' so much as this is just a place where I can tout Soldiers Angels, Supporting the Troops, and also point out different things I've come across in my web travels.....for the enjoyment (or ignorement,lol, I am sure that is NOT a word) of anyone who is kind enough to stop by here.

Before I start posting aforementioned links, I wanted to say that I am thankful FOR all those who stop by here....THANK YOU :)

And I am also thankful that my son's fiancee has joined Soldiers is so much more fun to share 'shopping for soldiers' and writing letters and sending cards.  We finished our Christmas shopping last week, because we wanted to get those packages in the mail EARLY....time is running out, to get your packages shipped!!

And now, on to all the links I've saved to share, as I surfed the web the last few days after work.


I am late in mentioning this site, but it is a must see. 

I heard from the author of a new AOL journal, and wanted to pass his site along    OLD SOLDIER TOM'S JOURNAL   Please stop by,check him out, and give him a welcome :)
And then I've mentioned both these blogs before, but they are asking for more visitors....seems such an easy way to make a soldier happy,doesn't it? (Nudge,nudge:)
Three Hour Tour  says..."

Thanks all, up to the 15th I have had 5000 people visit my blog, my goal is to beat 10,000 this months so spread the word...I hate when I set a goal and do not make it so throw me a bone, keep checking the site, help me break 10,000 for the month so I can throw it in Radio's face, since that is what it is all about...that and free t-shirts.

Murph    Click here: Three Hour Tour :: Main Page


And Afghanistan Without A Clue is getting ready to go home on leave, but unabashedly telling you he's 'stumping' for 'favorite' votes on the penultimate Milblog


Ya Never Know who will end up being 'famous',lol, when you link to someone's site...but Half a World Away  has now,along with one of his buddies, gotten an interview on  the Big Red Network 

(and isn't life interesting? Would I really know ABOUT the Big Red Network, or learn as much as I have about Husker's football this season,if I weren't addicted to milbogs AND supporting the troops?  Who knew,that was where it would lead,LOL? :)
Also, speaking of football now allows me to post yet another 'gratuitous grandmother pic', of our newest Redskins fan :)
Speaking of pictures (gosh,I'm just so subtle with my segues,n'esct-ce pas? :)
I've added a new Photo journal to my AOL journal roll  
Click here: WAIT-NOT YET  (she takes Great pics!!)
This past Sunday's posting by Bruce's Deployment to Afghanistan  features not only Bruce's usual good pics, but a link to an article about a medical mission by his unit   MEDICS BRING RELIEF TO AFGHAN VILLAGE  that ALSO has links to some very good pics, taken by Pfc. Jaime D. Mial, 3rd Brigade Combat Team Journalist
Lastly, with Christmas only 34 days away, and mailing deadlines only 14 days away for deployed troops....wanted to pass on these Christmas ideas/sites.
Elijah at Contact Right has suggestions for how to bring cheer to wounded soldiers with   CHRISTMAS AT WALTER REED
Here's another Soldier Support site I came across 
Via  AmericaSupports You   this is a very cool idea! "E-care packages"  
That's all for today! God bless our Troops!!

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freemansixpack said...

I think your hair looks pretty.

I'm sending out our care package today. I wanted to do it earlier, but didn't get my buns in gear. Mail is moving pretty good now, so I think I'll be ok.

Have a good one doll