Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wishing Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, I actually took food pictures from previous Thanksgiving dinners and made a collage,LOL.

(and yes, my family is known for taking food pictures:) 

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!
And I wanted to share a few links  (like that is a surprise?:)
A fellow Soldiers Angels member sent me a link to this 
(a beautiful reminder of our troops, thank you! Carol :)
and then another friend from Soldiers Angels sent me this poem:

`Twas the night before Thanksgiving, in the cold desert air,
He adjusted the night scope and gave the `all clear out there'.
No campfires were burning, not one single glow.
Heat from his thermos is the only warmth he will know.

The men in his unit volunteered for this post,
Orders aren't needed with `seasoned young pros'.
The bad guys are rumored to travel this way,
He and his brothers will stop them today.

His mind drifts away to a family back home,
Fond memories of kin gathering when `Tom's' finally done.
Mom in her apron, with flour on her nose,
And Dad with his eggnog, telling boring old jokes.

The men settle down when football began,
Laughing and cheering, placing bets when they can.
The children are playing games in the yard,
With smells from the kitchen, waiting on dinner is hard.

Grandpa fell asleep right there in his chair,
Mischievous brothers would grease up his hair.
Grandma was knitting her sweaters for gifts,
With sharp needles flashing, she'd blow them a kiss.

A radio crackles, `Echo 2, we'll stand down.
Intel reports there's no bad guys around.'
He shakes away memories like the sands from his face,
What lies ahead in this faraway place?

Off to the east, the sun starts to rise,
What would he give for one taste of Mom's pies?
"Lord, let them know, though we're far apart,
I'm right there beside them, giving thanks from the heart."

Lynn Price © November 18, 2006
Me being me,lol, I of course "Googled" the author of the poem, and I found that she has a recently published book of poetry   Warrior's Path
and I also found links to other poems by her on the International War Veteran's Poetry Archives
the link is here 
Lastly, on MySpace I came across a beautiful,beautiful post where the author expresses extremely well many of the things I also feel thankful for
I wanted to say once again, that I am thankful for all of You who take the time to stop by here!
Happy Thanksgiving! and God Bless Our Troops!!

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therealslimemmy said...

happy thanksgiving kathi!!!
<3, emily