Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'll be Blogging over at Hooah Wife and Friends now,too!

Wow, that was quick!!  I posted my weekly Soldiers Angels Web Surf on Friday, got this comment on it from Greta from Hooah Wife and Friends:

Kathi - I can't thank you enough for doing this roundup. Please let me know when you will come join us at Hooah Wife - we need some roundup style blogging!
Emailed back and forth with her a bit, accepted her invitation, and come home this morning after work to This post over on Hooah Wife and Friends
So, I'll be part of a dysfunctional family :) 
(plus I already 'knew' Indian Chris over there, through being part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll.....after the 3,000 emails I sent him while I was working on that Wednesday Hero slideshow retrospective, I believe he looks on me kind of like an annoying older sister anyway,lol.)
Seriously, I'm very excited about this! 
 I'll let y'all know when I get my first 'round-up' post over there :)


butch9436 said...

OK; GREAAAAT!!!  Now, you and yours (anyone reading this) can come over to ... ... and join us blogging; praying for others; looking around at me and mine; and when we get the site up ... maybe want to get some of our Cajun Country (greeting) Cards ... books and etc.
 CCC is not up and running yet, but MJ (our baby child; born when I was almost 40 ... and a whiz kid (at 32) on computers and websites ... IS WORKING ON IT NOW.  He just launched his ... ... a Christian website that we hope will bring a lot of folks into the 'JESUS is my Savior' realm of living; loving your neighbor after GOD, our Father ... and helping all who need it, regardless of race, creed or color.  
  And Kathi, I do not mind if you copy and paste your blogs into our site.  There will not be many over here that will be already reading you; probably Leslie and me ... and a couple of others from stjames.  

kasee267 said...

Thank you,Sissy:)

lsk49rs said...

Well, you go put the fun in dysfunctional...and good work!