Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Well, This Stinks

The longtime AOL Journals Editor, Joe, has been a casualty of the AOL layoffs.

I was lucky enough to meet Joe in person back when I went to the Milblog Conference.(and he has an absolutely hideous picture of me, with us standing together at the event,too, LOL, which I would Never link to, as I want to preserve some of my self-delusions, thank you very much:) I just went back and hunted the picture up, and screamed, if that helps describe how bad it was of me!)
He was as genuinely nice in person as he had always been online, and for myself and many others, he was 'the face' of AOL Journals.  His interactions with folks like me in the AOL Journals community was always courteous, kind, and helpful, and he has a great sense of humor,also.
I am only one of the many who will miss him a great deal, and feel pretty apprehensive about what lies ahead for the AOL Journals community.  They had replaced him as Editor at one time, and the fellow they put in his place never really had a chance, as Joe was a hard act to follow, so when AOL axed that guy in the layoffs Last year, Joe returned to that position, only to now lose it for good.
I feel certain that someone as talented and intelligent and nice as Joe will have a great future ahead of him, and I wish him all the best.
Fortunately, he is not 'lost' forever, as he is blogging here
and I hope you'll go by and give him a shout out, and wish him luck :)
I'll miss you here in J-Land, Joe!


ceilisundancer said...

My first venture in aol "journal"-land was more with Jeff.  Frankly, I like both Jeff and Joe, and either of them being let go makes NO sense.  Joe did do an excellent job, and I'm not surprised to hear he's as nice in real life, also.  Does rather suck.

kasee267 said...

Poor Jeff, though.....there were a lot of folks (this was just my impression) who were used to Joe, and Jeff just had a different style.....I liked Jeff also, but I knew a lot of people never got adjusted to him, and it seemed it was largely because he 'just wasn't Joe'. Heaven help those folks Now....who knows who we'll get in Joe's place?  
If anyone. Maybe the job itself is phased out,too.