Friday, October 26, 2007

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

Light blogging this week, sorry about that. (and, par for the course...LATE on posting this today, lol :) 

Before I get to the usual post of news by and about  Soldiers Angels  out in the blogosphere, I wanted to tell you about a very cool  award contest that you can vote in.

Microsoft and the USO are sponsoring the first annual "Above and Beyond Awards" , which is...."recognizing the contributions of the military community - the friends, family, and other individuals who help brighten the lives of U.S. troops throughout the world "

Not only is the 'Head Angel', Patti Patton-Bader, one of the nominee's....but it  turns out that one of my good online friends, Paulette Nelson, is Also one of the nominee's!

Patti is up for the 'Effort' award (as is Marty Van Horn of  )  and Paulette is nominated in the USO Promotion and Success Award.

I've mentioned Paulette's blog before, if you've never checked it out, stop by and take a look               Click here: Yahoo! 360° - My Rambling Mind

Altogether, there are 14 stellar troop supporters nominated for awards in several categories.  To check out their stories, and to vote, here's the link:

Click here: Microsoft and USO salute to our troops

Please go vote!  (and I think you know some of the votes I cast,LOL! )


And now, to this week's   Soldiers Angels  web surf.

While the  Soldiers Angels Network  blog and the inestimable Shelle Michaels usually post most of the news stories I've come across about Soldiers Angels, this is one news article I didn't see posted on that blog, and it's a good one

Here's another 'new-to-me' Angel blogger
Soldiers Angels in Arizona has a cool post up
Butterfly Wife hits 500 :)
(and Soldiers Angels Germany had something very nice posted about that, too :)
And last, but Never 'least', Greta, who blogs at  Soldiers Angels Louisiana
Hooah Wife and Friends  , Kiss My Gumbo ,  (and I think I've missed some other places she blogs....why is she not up for 'Blogger of the Year"?  :) says it all once again with this post right here
Enjoy the 'surf', and don't forget to vote in the Above and Beyond Awards contest!
One more thing. This is WAY late, but Patti Patton-Bader celebrated a birthday last Sunday, which I missed making it onto the computer in time to post that day.  So, belatedly
I feel pretty certain that she'd think an excellent way for someone to celebrate her birthday would be to go by the Soldiers Angels website
and see if there's a team you'd like to get involved with, and support our troops!
UPDATE   ArmyWifeToddlerMom sends this link for an interview done at SpouseBuzz radio, with Tim from the blog,Captain Patti The Sweetest Woman on the Planet Goes to Baghdad, and Matt of Blackfive, and Andi of SpouseBuzz (formerly blogging at Andi's World and the force behind the Milblog Conferences)
Soldiers Angels is spoken of fondly in the interview, and the whole thing is well worth the listen
Much Thanks,Rachelle, for sending me the link!

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Kathi - I can't thank you enough for doing this roundup. Please let me know when you will come join us at Hooah Wife - we need some roundup style blogging!

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Holy cow, Greta....Thank You!!

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Where do you get so much energy  ??? thank you for your hard work.

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