Thursday, September 6, 2007

A GetWell Card Shower for a Veteran

I'm sorry to say I found out today that the disabled vet that my daughter and I met back in April,
Josh Lindsey
is in the hospital with pneumonia.
A friend emailed to tell me, and I ended up speaking briefly with Josh this afternoon. He said he is 'getting better' and he will most likely be in the hospital thru the weekend.
I told Josh that our mutual friend had wanted to do a get well card shower for him? and Josh said that would be 'way cool' :)
I'm hopeful Josh will continue to improve, and I'm sure he would appreciate any prayers you could send up.
If you'd also like to send a card? Please email me at   for the address.
If you'd like to read more about Josh? You can check out this previous post about him
Let's 'Shower' this young man with some 'love',huh?  :)
And Thanks! for the prayers for him, and the cards if you feel led to send them!
(and please feel free to spread the word:)

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