Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

My 'movable meme' post, supposed to show up on Fridays according to my self-imposed schedule (which I can't seem to adhere to,lol:) in which I surf around the blogosphere to post mentions of and by members of   Soldiers Angels

Work and our holiday plans set back my schedule this time, and I also got involved (I knew this was coming, Terri is nothing if not persistent and patient,lol) in helping to do research for the Living Legends Team . I fell into that backwards, which is generally the way I end up doing things. I had seen the call for people to help do research,and wasn't sure that I could find the time,so I remained silent. 

(I was also in the middle of putting together the slide show idea I had come up with for the one year anniversary of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll.  While that was an honor to put together? let's just say that the time to have an idea like that would probably be at the Beginning of the year, rather than at the End of it!

 But, it turned out the way I wanted, which was to honor all those the Blogroll had featured in the past year, and now I have a better idea for what I need to save if I plan to do it again Next year.:)

So, in the midst of that, I made the serendipitous mistake (serendipitous for the LL team:) of coming across something that I knew Terri was looking for, emailed it to her, and then said to myself "oh,no, you know what's coming next!" Sure enough, almost faster than the speed of light,lol, she shot back an email saying "thank you" and then "could you please....?"

Well, yes, I probably could. (and Angels like Terri are so hard to say 'no' to,lol, when they specifically ask:)  I received an Enormous amount of help from Angel Janet...Thank You!....and a lot of positive encouragement from other Angels on my first attempts to send out the information after I did my research (which I managed to mess up part of sending it out, par for the course,I guess) All I can say is, for a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what a great deal of time and effort goes into what the Living Legends Team does? it was a real eye-opener.   I only had 4 names of fallen soldiers to research, and these dedicated Angels who have been doing this have been researching sometimes up to 100 names! I have no idea how they do it all.

And Patti, the 'Head Angel',  as always sent an encouraging and uplifting message of support,too.  She's just Everywhere, always cheering Angels on. I love that woman!! How can I have any reservations about finding time to do this? when I consider all that Patti does every day?

Well, that is enough 'about me', I suppose:) On to the 'web surf'.

There is a hero who needs support,over the recent death of his father

Click here: A German-American Friendship Bracelet: Our hero Ben Lunak from 2006 is in need of some more support---

And you may have already seen the call that Blackfive put out

Click here: BLACKFIVE: Calling All Angels!

Don't forget that Christmas is coming!

Click here: Cassy Fiano: Bringing Holidays to Heroes

and please don't forget this project,either.

Click here: View from the 8th Floor: NEW Update on Holiday Project for Georgia Soldiers - Aug 23rd

Read about a 'sea of Angels' :)

and now, just for some random posts about what both 'new-to-me Angels' and 'Angels we've seen before" are doing and saying?
I hope all of you have a great week (what's left of this week, those Monday holidays always seemed to throw me out of kilter:) and I hope you enjoy the short web surf.

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