Saturday, September 22, 2007

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

This will be short and sweet (and, no big'also a day Late,lol:)

'Blankets' seems to be a short recurring theme from the few blog posts I have to pass on, with Soldiers Angels VA Team passing on word about a  Soldiers Angels  project for our veterans

Click here: Soldiers' Angels VA Team: Hugs for Heros

and another Soldiers Angel mentions providing warmth for the wounded

Click here: A Soldiers Angel: Blankets of Hope


Aunty Brat over at Tanker Brothers passes on CJ's account of the blogger meeting with the President

Click here: Tanker Brothers - Two Soldiers In The War On Terror


and,lastly, here's an Angel who is going Way above and beyond for the troops

Click here: Goings on… « Life As I Know It

and she's already posted an update since I saw that first post

Plus! in the 'it's truly a small world' department, I also discovered when looking through her archives that she and her husband had adopted a daughter from China! :)
(which, as you know, my sister and brother-in-law are preparing to Leave for China to get their beautiful daughter,Charlotte,soon!:)
And that is my very short  Soldiers Angels web surf for this past week.
Wishing everyone a good weekend, I am off to get some much-needed sleep:)

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