Friday, September 28, 2007

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

There were plenty of posts by and about  Soldiers Angels  this past week :)

First up, I somehow missed posting this earlier, but Life in the Northeast had a post up with a poem written by a soldier

Click here: Yahoo! 360° - Life In The Northeast - A Soldier

and while we are over at Yahoo 360, friend charlee in Australia, an owner of 3 dogs herself, posted two remembrances of dogs who lost their lives while serving.

Click here: Yahoo!7 360° - charlee_rd's Blog - Entry for 24 September 2007 "In Memory"

Click here: Yahoo!7 360° - charlee_rd's Blog - Entry for 24 September 2007 "In Memory"

Another  Soldiers Angel  member who also raises guide dogs has some pictures of one of her dogs

Click here: To Tame the Wild Beastie: More Family Photos


Soldiers Angels Texas pays tribute to  Sgt. Eddie Jeffers ,  whose passing I mentioned previously .

Click here: SOLDIERS' ANGELS TEXAS: Hope Rides Alone


View From the 8th Floor is 'thinking Christmas' also.

Click here: View from the 8th Floor: 20,000 Mugs and 2 Angels


Soldiers Angels New York tells about a family in need.

Click here: Soldiers Angels New York: Cabaniss Family Needs Help


Soldiers Angels Louisiana tells about a poster contest

Click here: Soldiers’ Angels Louisiana » LA Poster Contest to honor Gulf-War Veterans

and also reminds us that volunteers are needed!


Soldiers Angels Medical Support tells us about Eagle Scouts.

Soldiers Angels Germany tells us about soldiers Talking About   Soldiers Angels
A Texan Abroad is Busy!
And, 3 'new' (or at least 'new-to-me':) Angel Blogs,yay!
Lastly, as always, for up-to-date news on Soldiers Angels, you can check out
And, recently returned from a trip to Iraq, check out the Featured Blog of the Week from Bob at Talking With Heroes
And that it's for this week, hope everyone enjoys the 'surf'!

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