Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2007 Project 2,996


The   2,996 Project   has continued this year, albeit in a more scaled back form.

There are now 5 people and their loved ones who I hold in my heart on this day, because of the 2,996 Project, and they are

and there are many, many others that I have learned of, through the tributes posted by bloggers participating in the  2,996 Project
Those who are posting new tributes today, or reposting tributes done last year, are leaving their links in the comments on the 2,996 blog here
and a list of last year's tributes can be found here
It is a gray,cold, and rainy day here where I live today, which seems fitting on a solemn day of remembrance.
Please consider taking the time to visit even just a few of the tributes that are posted today, to learn about, and remember, all those who were lost.


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tschuckman said...

For some reason I feel depressed today.

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