Sunday, September 30, 2007

Godspeed, Brig. Gen. Felix Sparks

Another passing of a hero from the 'Greatest Generation'.

Ironically, I first learned of this from the blog of an English language teacher in Saudi Arabia

Click here: My Telegraph : Paul in Saudi : September 2007

which led me to wish to find out more about Brig. Gen. Sparks, who passed away on September 25,2007.

Click here: Felix L. Sparks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

From everything I could find, he was an exceptional soldier, and an exceptional man.

Felix Sparks received Two Silver Stars for his actions in WW II, but the men and women of the Colorado National Guard felt he deserved the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions in saving 3 wounded GI's , recounted in this article

One Last Honor by Jim Sheeler, Rocky Mountain News

Sadly, that honor was not obtained for Brig. Gen. Sparks before his death.

Brig. Gen. Sparks was also with one of the first units to liberate Dachau, and is remembered for halting the killing of the surrendered SS soldiers at the camp, as you can see recounted in his own words here

Click here: DACHAU AND IT'S LIBERATION: Personal account by Felix L. Sparks Brigadier General, AUS (Retired)

I also came across this speech by Brig.Gen. Sparks

Click here: "Tell us who were there that it never happened"; Liberator's Speech

The Patriot Guard rides to honor Brig. Gen. Sparks, as you can see by this link

Click here: Brig. Gen. Felix L. Sparks (ret), AAG COARNG, Arvada, CO - 02 Oct 07 > Patriot Guard Forums - Americans Doing the

which has a synopsis of his life, and also some other links about him.

Godspeed and God Bless, Brig. Gen. Felix Sparks.



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