Friday, September 7, 2007

Soldiers Angels Web Surfing

A big Welcome! to the blogsphere, to the newest  Soldiers Angels  blog

Click here: Soldiers' Angels VA Team

(and remember, you can always check to see blogs by other members of Soldiers Angels here)

my list is up to around 68 blogs. Does your blog belong there? Send me an email:) at 
Greta, the inimitable Hooah Wife  (who as near as I can tell, blogs Everywhere!)
is going to be Guest Hosting at VA Joe's
and you can check out her posts (among other posts) here
She also posts about the Chili Cook Off (with a link to great pictures)
and she posts about the upcoming Freedom Walk (tomorrow!)
has another post here
and, she also blogs over Here
(I no longer have any worries for myself,LOL, that I am spread too thin on the web. All I can say is....GO, Greta!! :)
There Are other Soldiers Angels posting out there
Laurie posts about a photography opportunity
Soldiers Angels Texas passes on a possible volunteer opportunity with this news
and Soldiers Angels Europe has moved (physically, not their blog)
To wind up this short 'surf' (since I posted Monday,also)
here's a great story
That's all for today. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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