Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Don't Know How I missed this....

But Soldiers Angels has yet another page

with lots of press releases. And today's page has a link to a USA Today article
that quotes Sgt.Brian Horn, who was the inspiration for his dad,Marty, to start
The quote is:
 Sgt. Brian Horn, 26, who recently returned from leading a sniper team in Iraq and Afghanistan, said the thing that's most appreciated is still an old-fashioned letter. "(There are) always smiles and some disbelief, and some teared up a little bit," Horn says in describing how troops react to a letter.

"It's kind of hard to explain," he says. "You have to go out for a week and get shot at a bunch and not hear from anyone, from your family, and (you) come back and it's there — a letter from someone who's (in the USA) right now — and it's positive energy, it's 'thank you,' and it's real."
(Just another nudge to someone who might be thinking of writing a letter It DOES make a positive difference!!)
And I have come across another blog by a war widow
And you can also see it, and several other new blogs, listed as always on  (Check out 'Recently Added' on the left of the page)
And via The Mudville Gazette's Dawn Patrol     I came across this post
that most closely expresses how I feel about the deaths of 
I spent the weekend after they were first reported missing feeling sickened with dread, over the agonies they were most likely enduring.(And storming the heavens with prayer.)The manner of their deaths turned out to be even more horrifying than I could have imagined.As the mother of two sons who are close in age to those two young men, ,their deaths wrenched my heart terribly. And the Blue Star Chronicles post expresses far better than I can here, my feeling about their deaths and the lack of outrage we have seen about those deaths in our country's media.
And, once again, here is how to send your condolences to their families, and the family of the soldier who was killed when they were captured.

Soldiers' Angels are collecting cards and letters for the families of Thomas Tucker, Kristian Menchaca, and David Babineau.

You can send your condolences and notes of encouragement to:

    Soldiers' Angels
    1792 E. Washington Blvd
    Pasadena Ca 91104




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