Saturday, July 1, 2006

Weekend/Holiday 'Surfing' and Happy 4th of July!

Sorry the time between my posts are getting longer! but working full-time again has curtailed my Internet time,lol.

I want to wish everyone a "Happy Holiday", although I'll be working on the 4th. While you're enjoying the time off (if you have it) please take a moment to remember our troops,as always.

Proud Fan at  Freedom Isn't Free  says it very well,I think:)

For other places to 'surf', I'm not specifically posting a Fourth of July theme, just posting some different sites that caught my eye

Kat at Yikes! has a nice post up about becoming a Soldiers Angel


I first came across The OIF Alphabet on Tbone's War Journal (some language) and decided to put it all together in one place 

View "The OIF Alphabet'  (again,some language)

and then saw that Josh at Talking Salmons had also come across it.

Then,when I was catching up on my milblog surfing today, I found out that Midnight in Iraq has some hilarious postings up about a prank he's pulling
UPDATE Apparently he has deleted those postings when I checked today 7/4/06.
And by the way, if you like pictures? He has a Flickr photostream  
For more great photos? There are two "Dan's" who always have great pics
The second 'Dan' listed is a contractor, and that reminded me to tell you that a contractor who has written a book has changed from Yahoo 360 to a new site 
Via the comments section on another blog, I came across a new blog 
You might like to check out the Milblogger of the Week, Tanker Brothers, at 
And via Blackfive, there is a story with links about Thomas Tucker,Kristian Menchaca, and David Babineau 
and also a link to raw footage video of the 502nd Infantry Memorial Ceremony for them 
One of my 'e-pals' in Iraq specifically asked me to please remember the families and friends of the fallen in my prayers this holiday, and so I will pass on that request to all of you.
Have a safe and happy holiday, and God bless our Troops.

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