Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Some New Links Added, and Milblogging.com (again:)

Have added some new links to my 'Other Journals' and 'Favorite Sites' sections, and wanted to mention them.


and,departing from the "all military,all the time" theme....I've also added links to journals from two paramedics,a nurse, a blog dedicated to fallen police officers, and the journal of a firefighter/EMT who's also a veteran. (Hmmm...although I still think there's some sort of theme going on there )
and last but not least, this isn't really a 'blog', but he's a soldier and seems like a very fine young man, and I just like his page! Click here: Here to Please Jesus
And the other day when I stopped by Milblogging.com, I was pleasantly surprised to see that JP had mentioned me again. Thanks,JP! 
Yes, I'm a shameless fan of his,lol, but I first 'met' him back when he was serving in Afghanistan and had a now defunct blog, and took time to send me an email encouraging me to become a member of  Soldiers Angels .
And if you read his mention of  how many milblogs I've submitted, and are saying to yourself "holy cow,Kathi,do you just park on the computer all day?"LOL.Please remember I was just unemployed for the last 5 months,so had a LOT of extra time on my hands. And also, I frequently come across new milblogs by clicking on links in comments on milblogs I'm reading. My family will attest to the fact that I'm an extremely fast reader, and after reading a new milblog for a few seconds, I'll just pop over to Milblogging.com and see if it's already listed there, and if it's not,heck...I just submit it! (and then go back and read some more.)
All of which leads to me giving you a few MORE links here, to milblogs that I've submitted to Milblogging.com but didn't have room to list on my links.


freemansixpack said...

Hey doll, thanks for the shout out. Hope your weekend is going well.

kasee267 said...

You're welcome:) Hope yours is going well also!