Saturday, July 15, 2006

Speaking of 'Surfing',Help a Soldier,and Listen to HOOAH radio!:)

Some Soldiers Mom has a post up about an amputee soldier and a surfing trip. Check it out Click here: Some Soldier's Mom: SURFIN' U.S.A.

I have been busy with work and sadly, having to get rid of the family cat,who was just getting too mean to have around with the new grandbaby due in Sept.She's never really liked people!lol,not the best pet in the first place,but we had her for 5 years.
So I  have been remiss in not posting this link sooner...Blackfive now has 3 posts up on how to help a Navy Seal,I'll post the third and you can check out his links to the first two
 Some Soldiers Mom also mentions this, and a request from The Online Chaplain 
and The Online Chaplain also has a new post up today,reading his posts always feels to me like taking a refreshing drink of cool water 
while I do MY 'surfing' on the Internet, I love to listen to Hooah radio   
Click here: HOOAH!!!! Radio - Operation "Rip The Knob Off!"   They play all types of music, so there's something for everyone!!
and A Soldiers Perspective has a post up honoring a fallen soldier
 Doc in the Box has some timely thoughts about  current events
Lastly, this site belongs to a fellow Soldiers Angels member who makes pottery 
And that's my mini post about places you can 'surf' to yourself this weekend,and the music to listen to while you're surfing.
Hope everyone has a great weekend, and God bless our Troops!
Oh,P.S Added a "Click to sign my map"area to my "All About Me"...thanks! to Emily for giving me the idea from seeing her page!


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