Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wednesday 'Surfing'

Well, I started out wanting to tell you to go check out the posting by Kat at Yikes! 

Click here: Yikes!: ~~Words...... 

It's a fantastic post, and also fills you in a little on what the LIVING LEGENDS TEAM does at  Soldiers Angels .

And then,as so often happens when I think I have an idea planned out for a blog post (or, actually, when I think I have an idea for almost anything,lol,just ask my family)  I GOT SIDETRACKED.

I happened to see this post on  My Rambling Mind  about the Vice President reenlisting a soldier who is an amputee. And a commenter asked "Shouldn't this soldier have been medically discharged?"

And so that sent me to, of course,GOOGLE:) because I thought I had seen stories previously of amputee soldiers who were still active duty.

Some of the results of my search led me to this 2004 article

This MSNBC story 
And this from ABC news 
But I think THIS was the most important find of my search
Having by then completely gotten 'off topic' from what I had originally intended to write about, I decided to stop by Blackfive....and in the 'gee,great minds think alike' category (I only WISH I had a mind like Matt!!) I find this post that seems in keeping with the theme of wounded soldiers staying active duty 
and clicked on the article about Scott Smiley 
Then,while continuing to peruse Blackfive, I found out about a wounded Marine via a link to Fuzzilicious Thinking 
so I wanted to ask y'all to please go by there and get the info to send at least a card of support to this Marine!
And then I was disgusted,enraged,resigned to the fact that it was bound to happen, by THIS 
and in relaying that news to my boyfriend, we BOTH then got sidetracked because he FINALLY decided that we would join the Patriot Guard Riders
(even though we don't have a motorcycle right now!:)which I have been wanting to do for quite awhile, to show my respect and support for our fallen soldiers and their families.
Finally, since so much of this post ended up being "brought to you via Blackfive"...I think this would be the appropriate place to plug Matt's upcoming book 
Well, this ended up being not  at all what I started out to write about, but that's my 'surfing' post for today.


therealslimemmy said...

thanks so much for all of your support kathi :)
have a good day

flaggazer said...

These are amazing stories!  Thank you for sharing the information!