Monday, July 3, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

I think I posted my previous July 4th wishes too early

So, once again, I want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!

And in keeping with 'supporting our troops', two sites I'd like to mention.

A Yahoo 360 friend,  Trish has a post that pointed me to   Stop by her post and find out how to send a card to a wounded soldier, and a birthday card to another soldier.

And yesterday I came across this site 

which is trying to honor the fallen soldiers by name. Please go check it out.

God bless! to all of you, and God bless our troops!


freemansixpack said...

Have a good one doll.

kasee267 said...

Thanks! You and your family have a great 4th also!

mariacat2003 said...

Thank you for visiting my journal. To be honest I didn't think anyone read it, so your comment was a true surprise. I journal, blog and photo blog for something to do. I like your journal a lot. I also bookmarked it so I can take the proper time to go through it. My husband and I are both veterans, so this really means a lot to us, what you do. Thanks for the kudos regarding my husband's class. He is doing well despite suffering from lack of confidence on the academic portion of it. Hands-on is so much easier for him. He's worked hard, and I am so proud of him I just have to tell others about it! Thank you for your support of our troops, God bless them all! Have a great 4th!

kasee267 said...

Thanks,Maria! Hey, for anyone who wants to check her out?

Some great stuff there!:)