Monday, July 10, 2006

A One Year Anniversary:)

It's been a year since I joined  Soldiers Angels  and overall,what a rewarding and interesting year it's been, often in unexpected ways.

I have met some wonderful folks serving in the military, and corresponded with them through letters and/or emails.(And I've  met some great folks through  )  I've also 'met' online,or read the blogs, of some great troop supporters, and some wonderful military wives.

And it's because of  Soldiers Angels  that I decided to start this journal,which led to me being AOL Guest Editor the week of Memorial Day 2006....something I never imagined happening back when I started this in hopes of  interesting/encouraging other folks in supporting the troops!(Because for me, it's all about 'getting the word out' and being featured like that certainly brought some more attention to my humble little effort:)

There's been some sadness,too, over so many  wounded  soldiers, and so many casualties  .And  yet, when you read the stories of those who are recovering from their wounds,like those mentioned in  my previous post  ,you can find stories of hope, courage, and inspiration.

And when your heart breaks for those left behind struggling to put their lives back together, like  Heidi   or   Mary  ,you find that you can at least, as  Emily  reminds us, turn to our Lord and God in prayer. I never realized when I joined Soldiers Angels  that becoming a member would increase and deepen my prayer life.

But writing letters to soldiers, and sending cards to deployed soldiers and wounded soldiers, and reading the blogs of soldiers, troop supporters, and military families...has all led to areas of growth that I never expected in my life when I first set out on this journey.

So who knows where the journey will lead me in this coming year? I'm looking forward to finding out!

I'll continue to share the journey here with whoever stops by:),and you knew THIS was coming,right? 

If you'd like to start your OWN journey of supporting the troops? Consider stopping by

Soldiers Angels



America Supports You

and see where the journey takes YOU!!

It's been an honor and a privilege to support our troops this past year. God bless all the men and women in our military!










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trace7 said...

Congrats on your one year anniversay, and your support has been invaluable to many, I'm sure!!

brassyladycanada said...

Hello Kathie!

  Thank you for stopping by my MSN Space & Yahoo Space and leaving a comment :)

   Congratulations on your One year Anniversary!!   I can relate with everything you wrote :)  Isn't it one special journey, huh?

   Keep up the great work,,, also enjoyed reading thru your wonderful blog :)

   Have a wonderful day!!

(Fellow Soldiers Angel)