Monday, July 17, 2006

Please Check out "Hunts for Heroes"

Here's a Vietnam veteran who's come up with a fantastic idea.

"Hunts for Heroes"  

Their mission statement says in part  "We are dedicated to providing quality hunting and outdoor related activities to men and women that have been wounded on the field of battle in service to our country in the war against terrorism.  We organize hunts with professional guides and outfitters throughout the country for heroes that enjoy the outdoors. "

and be sure to check out what motivated Billy Hodges to start this in the "About" link on his site

Folks like Billy were the heroes of MY generation to those of us who had ties to the military (my Dad had just gotten out of the Army back then, and my aunt deployed as an Army nurse for a year) but I was just a kid in those days and organizations such as

Soldiers Angels

didn't exist for us to tell those soldiers or nurses how much they meant to us, and how much we looked up to them,and honored them for their service.So,sadly, all many of them remember is being spat upon, or called names, or keeping quiet about their military service as if it were a shameful thing.

But, instead of holding on to bitterness about that, vets like Billy, or the fine folks who started the Patriot Guard Riders , seem determined to ensure that THIS generation of those serving our country gets the support and respect that THEIR generation missed.Which to my mind just shows yet again how admirable and honorable the veterans of the Vietnam era are.

Hunts For Heroes has some pics of past hunts on the site

Although Billy doesn't have it posted on the site yet, here's a link to a slideshow of a Fishing Tournament that Hunts for Heroes recently had

and here's two newspaper articles about the event

So it looks like Hunts For Heroes is off to a fine start! And my best wishes to Billy for continued success with this organization! (And please spread the word about them!)

Update: Heard from Billy and he says his current site is only temporary, and a new one should be up by the end of the month.

And anyone wishing to donate at this point in time can send "a tax deductible check to El Campo Vol. Fire Dept (HUNTS FOR HEROES FUND) ,Box 1328 El Campo, TX 77437  We plan to give away $5,000 to wounded soldiers, spouses and dependents at our next event in November."

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