Sunday, July 2, 2006

The "Camp Pendleton Eight"

I'm sure some people are going to feel this is controversial, but as you've probably heard in the news, there are 8 men(7 Marines and their Navy corpsman) who are currently being held in the brig at Camp Pendleton.

and there is also a groundswell of support building for the defense of these men
I have found websites set up for 6 of the 8 men.
HM3 Melson A. Bacos

LCPL Tyler A. Jackson

PFC John J. Jodka

CPL Marshall L. Magincalda

LCPL Robert B. Pennington

CPL Trent Thomas
I was unable to find any websites for

I have my own reservations and questions about the case against them, keeping in mind the previous case of  Ilario Pantano
The military justice system will determine the matter, but for what it is worth right now, I am passing these sites on for all of you to check out.
As for me, these men and their families will be in my prayers.
UPDATE:   Via Bear Creek Ledger ,found a site for
She also has some other posts about the Camp Pendleton 8 
As does  Daily Life of a Marine Mom (Look for Thursday,June 29 post)
and a lot of these posts lead to other links, but I wish I was seeing more about this out there in the blogosphere.
If you know of any other posts, or of a website for Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins, please feel free to post them in the comments or email them!

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freemansixpack said...

and doesn't our media enjoy showing anything wrong they think our military is doing...lord efing forbid they show a daily clip of all the good things we have done for that waste of a country and its waste of space people!