Monday, December 11, 2006

Grandad, A Christmas Hippo :) and Web Surfing Again

I'm starting off with a picture of my grandfather from WW II because I received the things the gentleman who had served with him told me he would send to me ,on Saturday. He sent a picture (not this one) of my Grandad ON THE SHIP ! and I must admit I got teary-eyed at seeing a picture of my Grandad that no one in our family had ever seen before.

My oldest son was mesmerized by the history of the ship,and those who served on it,and it was a heartwarming feeling for me, to watch this young man who had never met my Grandad delve into this bit of family history that we had never had before and to be so interested in it.

I also got teary eyed when reading it myself, when I learned that those who attended the reunion of the USS Pamanset crew in 2002 had held a memorial service on the USS Alabama and read the names of all the shipmates who were lost in the war and who have passed away since then.Just seeing Grandad's name on the list, and knowing that there were others besides my family who were honoring and remembering him at a service we never even knew about, gave me a very special feeling.

On Sunday I took the picture and history to my uncle's house, and seeing his face when he saw the picture of his Dad? I don't think words can begin to express how grateful we are to his former shipmate who contacted me, and passed all this on to us.

Moving on, family also hates me,LOL for introducing them to the "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" song (because it just seems to get stuck in your head, and even when one of my children groans and says "Not that song!!"...a little while later, they'll realize they are humming or singing it,LOL, and then you'll hear an "Ahhhh! I can't get the song out of my head!!") the "Life is too Funny" category...what did my grandson get at the Christmas party he went to this past weekend?

You guessed it!! A HIPPOPOTAMUS!!!

As far as web surfing goes, I have several things saved that I have been meaning to pass now, it seems, would be the time to do that

First off, this is a hilarious read on the definition of blog, by a soldier currently serving with the 1016th in Iraq

Speaking of blogs makes me think of  (geez,I have cheesy segues:) and so I wanted to say that Doc in the Box was the most recently featured Member   Go,Sean!

and I had wanted to pass on a recent post by Sean

which the MSM also actually featured, and the video link is here

For tidbits from other milbloggers, Murph at Three Hour Tour only wants 15,000 hits ! (But whenever I try to post a link to his blog? the link always goes wacky and says "not found" or whatever...arghhh! Just go by

and type in Three Hour Tour under Search Database and see if you can find him that way....and if you've been THAT dedicated, BLESS YOU!!:)


and Sack at Half A World Away has Movie Reviews  Click here: Half a World Away: Movie Review: Some Good Ones and One of the Worst Movies, Ever

I'll end this post with a beautiful Christmas Card from Wait-Not Yet

and wish all of you a Good Week! God bless our Troops!


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